Research Data Browser FAQs

What is the Research Data Browser (RDB) how is it used?

The RDB is a tool that allows you view Epic Patient Data using the Cogito Data Warehouse. Cogito Data Warehouse is Epic’s integrated analytics and reporting.

RDB is available in your MyResearch account.

Will I be able to see identified patient data?

No. The RDB only includes a de‐identified view of patient data prior to CHR approval. Even though the data is de‐identified, it should be treated as sensitive patient information.

What data is available in the CST?

The RDB allows you to search, find results, and export the following patient information to Excel:







Can I create my own custom searches?

Yes. The RDB dashboard contains an Exploration area that allows you to design custom searches and to display the results in a number of different visualizations.

Does the RDB have any search limitations?

Yes. The RDB dashboard contains only data from encounters after June 12, 2012 (APeX go‐live date). Data is typically two days old. This is indicated in the Date as of: field located in the upper right‐hand side of some RDB screens.

Procedures and Med Orders are limited to orders manually entered into APeX by a provider.

How do I get access to the Research Data Browser?

To get access to the RDB, submit an Account Request Form (ARF) The link to the ARF system is

Once you have accessed the Account Request Form:

1.   Complete the first page of the ARF and click the Next button.

2.   Select “Other Applications”.

3.   Locate and check the “Qlikview” check box.

4.   On the sub‐screen that displays, select “Research”.

Your manager needs to approve the request.

Once the ARF is approved, a ServiceNow ticket is generated and routed to the team to complete your request.  

The Account Request Form is a requirement to activate the Research Data Browser link.

How do I give you feedback about the RDB?

Your feedback is important to us.

Please use the Report an Issue link found in the upper right‐hand corner of every page to report any issues or questions you may have about the RDB.

You may also contact us at its‐[email protected]

Can I use a Mac to access the RDB?

Yes. Here are a few helpful hints for Mac users:

-Right click on is Control + Click on a Mac.

-To select multiples of anything on Mac, hold down the Command key. After you have selected multiple items, press the Enter key to accept the multiple entries.

Where do I go for additional support and/or answers to CST related questions?

its‐[email protected]