REDCap's e-signature functionality not approved for use at UCSF May 17, 2016

Attention REDCap Users! 

REDCap's native e-signature feature is not authorized for use at UCSF since it currently does not meet the University's legal requirements for e-signature functionality.

Docusign is the recommended solution for e-signature functionality at UCSF.

De-Identified Research Data Browser Export and Flowsheet Flat Files Now Available November 06, 2015

To Our Research Data Browser Users –

Cohort Selection Tool Successfully Converted to MyAccess Authentication August 21, 2015

The Cohort Selection Tool has been successfully converted to MyAccess authentication, which enables you to login to the tool with your MyAccess account.

If you access the Cohort Selection Tool from MyResearch, please note that you will be prompted for your MyAccess credentials when you click on the Cohort Selection Tool icon in MyResearch.

UC ReX and Cohort Selection Tool log in issues July 28, 2015

Some UC ReX and Cohort Selection Tool users may experience issues when attempting to launch the tools directly from their URL. We are working to resolve this issue quickly. In the meantime, both tools can be successfully accessed from the MyResearch environment.

Please contact [email protected] should you have any further questions.