ANNOUNCEMENT - 2-Factor authentication for remote users of MyResearch - activated on Friday, 30 August.  Read more here.

MyResearch is a secure data hosting service for UCSF researchers and their internal or external collaborators. This service provides research teams with a professionally managed, secure, web-based, collaborative environment in which to manage files containing sensitive data. MyResearch also provides remote desktop capability with application and database services that allow investigators to view, manipulate, and save their data entirely in a protected environment without requiring files to be stored on their own computers. Applications such as SAS or Excel run on the MyResearch servers in our secure data center but they appear on the user’s own screen as if they were running locally on the user’s computer.

Available MyResearch applications


The MyResearch environment can be accessed from any PC, Mac, or mobile device. Access to the MyResearch site and data requires investigators to login using their UCSF Campus Active Directory user ID and password. Principal Investigators can authorize staff to access individual files or folders. Also, full audit reports are available.

Haven't used MyResearch in a while? See how-to instructions for Windows or  Mac.


The MyTransfer tool is used to upload/download files to and from your MyResearch account. MyTransfer Quick Reference Guide.


To request a new UCSF MyResearch account or add users to your current account select the MyResearch Acct/User/Study Request form or contact the Service Desk at 415-514-4100.

Student Sites

For UCSF students without a Principle Investigator or GL Chart string. Size of storage is limited to 5Gb. These sites are designed for single use or very small teams as somewhere to put protected data. 

Standard Sites

Designed for use for studies lead by a Principle Investigator with a GL Chart string with users collaboration. The first 10Gb of storage is free and this limit can be expanded at any time. See pricing for more details.



Each Principal Investigator (PI) receives 10 GB without charge and will be recharged at the monthly fee of $0.24/GB for storage above 10 GB of storage each month.
The $0.24/GB fee is comprised of a $0.10/GB storage fee and a $0.14/GB storage backup fee which is consistent with UCSF IT  billing standards. The billing cycle will occur monthly and the resulting recharge fees will be available for viewing in MyReports.


MyResearch has an outage window from 6-11:59 p.m. every Tuesday.

Support services for MyResearch are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.


For help with questions, or support issues:

  •     Submit a ticket at
  •     Call the UCSF ITS Service Desk at 415-514-4100


Every new MyResearch user must sign a MyResearch and REDCap Attestation Form to confirm that they understand the UCSF data use and security policies that they must adhere to while using MyResearch.