Research Data Browser

RDB capture

The Research Data Browser (RDB) is a point-and-click browsing tool that allows researchers to explore UCSF patient records de-identified from APeX. The RDB is available to the UCSF research community at no charge.


  • Identify potential subjects for studies to demonstrate feasibility
  • Search de-identified patient clinical records, slice the resulting set by a
    range of parameters
  • Create cohorts for observational studies, particularly comparative
    effectiveness and quality improvement studies
  • Export summary or detailed data to Excel or CSV files; including patient
    demographics, encounters, diagnosis, medications, labs, procedures, and more




First time users: 

  1. Open the Research Data Tools Request Form.
  2. Select Enterprise Analytics Dashboard and Data Tools Access Request.
  3. Under "Enterprise Analytics Dashboards", check "Research Data Browser".
  4. Under "Approver", under field "Manager/Director Name", enter the name of your manager. If you are a professor with no manager, enter the name of your department chairman. Do not enter an ARS staff member; we cannot approve your request.
  5. Enter all other required fields and click the "Order Now" button to submit your request. 
  6. You must have a current Statement of Liability attestation form on file. If you do not have a current attestation form on file, you will be sent a copy of the form to sign via DocuSign.


Returning users: 

The Research Data Browser can be accessed from any web browser. Log in in using your Campus, Med Center, or SOM credentials. 

Please note some users might experience slow performance when using the RDB prior to 10am due to the data loading process. 



The set of Research Data Browser export files contain a complete export of the data set displayed in the Research Data Browser, while the flowsheet flat files contain a copy of the de-identified APeX flowsheet data set. These flat files will be refreshed on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more.



Watch the RDB Training Video

Research Data Browser FAQs

Release Notes 

View the Metadata Documentation



For help with questions or support issues:

  • Submit a help ticket at
  • Call the UCSF ITS Service Desk at 415-514-4100
  • Support services for the RDB are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.