REDCap/MyResearch Drop In Clinic

Parnassus Library CL-210

• Stop by and get your REDCap questions and issues answered during this informal session. First come, first serve and don’t forget to bring your laptops.

• Come learn about the other services offered by the Academic Research Systems, including MyResearch, the Cohort Selection Tool, UC Rex, Research Data Browser, and Clinical Data Extractions.

• Join the DM REDCap UCSF Chatter Group:

In addition, learn about MyResearch and the following applications:

MS Office Suite, Atlas.ti, CJRRAP, Cohort Selection, ORTech, Qualtrics, R, REDCap, Salesforce SAS, SAS EG, SAS xml Mapper, SPSS, Stata, Stat Transfer, TreeAge, UC-Rex, and the Research Data Browser.

Find out how to get access to these applications and data to conduct your research!